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Our Words, Our Dreams, Our Art

Artist Support and Critique Community
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This is a community for writers, artists, and anyone who loves and appreciates art and wants to help artists get better at creating it. This community exists because I (alisandre) wanted to have a place where poetry, short fiction (or excerpts from larger works) and visual art can be posted and *critiqued* by members of the community. Grammar and mechanics, style, plot confusions, or technique issues are all up for debate in any piece of art you post here.

So a few guidelines to follow:
1) First, do no harm. That means, no flaming, no bashing, and no posts with only negative things in them. If you feel you have been flamed, contact the moderators and we will look into it.
2) When you have nice things to say, great! But be sure to say *why* you like something, not just that you like it.
3) Think twice before you post your art. If you are very emotionally involved with a piece, you may be very touchy about the comments people make, even if they are just trying to help. So consider that before you post anything to this community.
4) In the interests of slow modems and scrolling, please post anything larger than an 800x600 resolution screen can easily display without scrolling behind a cut, please. This includes long poetry and fiction as well as graphics. This page is the LJ FAQ for how to do cut tags and other LJ specific tags. If you aren't sure if something is too big, err on the side of caution and cut-tag it.

All membership in this community is moderated and posts are "friends only" for viewing. That way we all know who is reading our work and that we aren't going to see our art showing up on someone else's site with their name on it (and if it does, we know who to blame!).

The name of this community comes from a line in the play Lear's Daughters by Elaine Feinstein and The Women's Theatre Group. Cordelia says in scene 1, "I like words. Words are like stones, heavy and solid and every one different, you can feel their shape and their weight on your tongue. I like their roughness and their smoothness, and when I am silent, I am trying to get them right." Despite the title and its emphasis on words, we welcome all forms of art here, including visual and musical. If you want to link to a song or sound creation you have hosted on an outside site, feel free to do that, as well.

Moderators for the community are alisandre and oneonthefence. To contact alisandre (Carrie) email carrie@ofstarsandstone.com. To contact oneonthefence (Mandi), email theredgreenillusion@hotmail.com.

To join, submit a request through the link at the top of this page, and then follow the instructions provided in the one public post here.